Category Description

This category recognises the importance of finding the right performer or performers for the job. The actors that can’t be ignored. The cast that completes the picture.

The commercial can have aired on TV, cinema or online.

There is no duration-cap for this category and long-form ‘branded entertainment’ pieces are eligible as, let’s face it, they’re ads too. There just has to be a brand attached. For longer-form pieces, if there are certain sections you feel the judges should pay closer attention to, these can be included as an additional clip.

All entries must be the final, aired/brand-hosted version of the spots; director cut versions are not permitted. When we refer to cast, we mean specifically human actors, not animal performers. We love dogs as much as the next people, but they give appalling acceptance speeches and tend not to retweet us.


Mandatory: Yes
Required: 1

Media Types Accepted

Media type: YouTube
File types: youtube

Media type: Vimeo
File types: vimeo

Media type: Video
File types: mov, mp4
File size: Up to 1024 Mb

Media type: ExtremeReach
File types: source

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