Category Description

This category is to find the best up-and-coming directorial talent from EMEA.
The individual should be based in Europe, Middle East or Africa and cannot have been working professionally within the industry (i.e. creating branded work or music videos through a production company) before 1st January 2018.
Please don’t fib - we do our research and lies make kittens cry.

Entries can include up to three pieces of relevant work and can include aired commercials, test spots, music videos and short films of no more than 10 minutes.
For aired work, all entries must be the final, aired version of the spots; director cut versions are not permitted.

Work for this category includes anything created after January 1, 2020.
Entries to this category can be English or non-English language, but any non-English language entries must include English subtitles for judging purposes.


Mandatory: Yes
Required: 1

Media Types Accepted

Media type: YouTube
File types: youtube

Media type: Vimeo
File types: vimeo

Media type: Video
File types: mov, mp4
File size: Up to 1024 Mb

Media type: ExtremeReach
File types: source

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