Category Description

Work for this category includes anything created between the dates of September 1st 2018 and August 31st 2019. The definition of branded entertainment for the purposes of the shots Awards is that the brand has worked with content partners to create a film which deliver an interesting and engaging experience outside of a traditional TV/cinema commercial framework.

The entries to this category can be for one-off films or a series of films that were released either together or over a period of time as part of one single campaign.

Work entered into last year’s shots Awards will not be accepted to judge.


Mandatory: Yes
Required: 1

Media Types Accepted

Media type: YouTube
File types: youtube
File size: Up to 500 Mb

Media type: Vimeo
File types: vimeo
File size: Up to 500 Mb

Media type: Video
File types: mov, mp4
File size: Up to 500 Mb
Video codec: H264

Media type: ExtremeReach
File types: source